Using our leading-edge digital technologies and smart, diverse workforce, we are always looking to innovate and improve the solutions we provide.

We believe everything can be improved through critical thinking. Whatever it is, we ask ourselves “how can it be better”.

These areas of focus are:

A focus on:



All of us, including our customers, are looking for ease of use and efficiency of solutions whilst maintaining one brand and interface for their customers – and our digital agenda has been tailored to take our customers’ requirements and need for change into account. The basis for refining our digital agenda has been our highly successful European and US user groups which draws intelligence and feedback from a range of customers across a number of geographies and verticals.

What we have been doing?

Self-serve applications - digital solutions which allow financing an asset from the comfort of your sofa become a reality.

IoT and increased connectivity to the asset - The connectivity amongst everyday technologies continues to increase – across a number of different asset types and financing structures.

Artificial intelligence - machine learning programmes already assisting in self-service customer helplines, and will continue to revolutionise the way that our customers do business.

A focus on:

Establishing our partner ecosystems


Since inception, we have always delivered Alfa Systems and supported our customers ourselves. Moving forward, we believe that setting up a compact global ecosystem of partners will allow us to ultimately deliver more Alfa Systems implementations and grow our customer base.

Additionally the partner ecosystem is a key step to the move towards being a player in the volume market in both the US and Europe, and also due to the breadth and depth of these potential partner organisations, it will allow us to service geographies where we do not have a presence or local capabilities.

How will we partner

We will retain the customer relationship, to ensure that our high standards of quality will be maintained whilst also meeting the customer’s needs.

We are looking to partner with like-minded organisations, comprising both niche specialists and renowned management consultancies, with geographical spread but also bandwidth of deep asset finance expertise and strong delivery capabilities to complement our own.

A focus on:

Accessing the volume market


Our aspirations are to extend into the volume market, increasing our customer base and taking Alfa Systems to customers who are more medium sized. In this market, simplification is key as often these customers are not looking for multijurisdictional implementation and do not have portfolios which comprise hundreds of thousands of lease contracts. Instead these players value a quality off-the-shelf solution, with simple, tried and tested automated procedures relevant to companies of a smaller size, with the opportunity to add modules or processes as their business grows.

Accessing this market

Alfa Systems is already cloud-ready - yet there remain a number of areas which require further preparation or evolution as we progress on this journey to gaining market share in this area:

  1. Simplification of implementation processes
  2. Simplification of our product
  3. Channel to market
  4. Pricing structures
  5. Support and ongoing development

Moving forward

2019 is a year of investment in simplification, both in product and processes, to lay the bedrock of the strategic aim of accessing these customers of the future. These simplification projects will not only serve the volume market but will also be fundamental to us in continuing to deliver the highest quality product and services to all our markets and in moving forward our partner agenda.

A focus on:

Creating a high performance organisation

Our people agenda has included the following focus in the last year:

Career paths and development opportunities

We introduced a new career path and development framework to assist in how we structure performance management, development and training and succession planning. Underlying this introduction was the separation of goals and objectives for developers and implementers alike.

Innovation at the core of how we develop

Innovation is key to how we develop at Alfa and one of the means by which we stay at the leading edge of the industry. The Alfa innovation team has developed a three stage process that allows for the systematic gathering, evaluation and adoption of new ideas, whether they are improvements to our existing products and processes or something completely new.

Our purpose and values project

In January 2018, we started a project to define the Alfa purpose and values we hold in doing business. In particular, we wanted to respect what had made Alfa so valued by our team members but also our customers and also to look to define a consistency of character across the entire business which would stand the test of time.

Alfa at a glance

We analyse our 2018 business in a number of ways – geographies, revenue types, customer types and industry verticals

Where we operate

Our customer by type

50 %
  • 1. Banks
  • 2. Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • 3. Independents

Our revenue streams

Software implementation
Ongoing Development and Services (ODS)

Our purpose: to deliver our leading-edge technology with smart, diverse people, making our customers future-ready.

Our verticals

Automotive finance
Equipment finance

Alfa in conversation

The team at Alfa discuss the key topics that they are responsible for across the business and how it relates to the focus on the European market and Alfa’s purpose and values. The CEO also shares his thoughts on 2018 and how Alfa is moving forward.

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